Amidst the sweeping landscapes of South Africa’s agricultural heartland, Bona Bona Game Breeders stands as a beacon of resilience, innovation and unwavering positivity. Led by the indomitable Pieter Ernst and his dedicated family, this pioneering enterprise does not merely navigate challenges; it transforms them into opportunities for growth and progress.

Embedded in the fabric of Bona Bona’s business philosophy are core values of positivity, perseverance, tenacity and diligent hard work, all delivered with a consistently friendly and accommodating attitude.

From its earliest days as a single Klipfontein farm to its present status as a multi-dimensional group of companies, Bona Bona’s journey has been marked by an  unshakable commitment to ethical practices and the sustainable development of South Africa.

This unfaltering ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles have led to numerous industry-first innovations. From hosting the highly regarded annual Platinum Auctions (the seventh edition will be hosted on 16 March 2024), to building the sector’s first professional holding pens, Bona Bona continuously sets benchmarks in game breeding. We are proud recipients of the Green Economy Award from WRSA, a recognition that resonates with our quest for sustainable practices.

When you partner with Bona Bona Game Breeders, you aren’t just aligning with a regular business; you’re joining a legacy of excellence driven by a visionary and optimistic spirit. Our reputation is built on decades of expertise, modern facilities and a team whose dedication matches the highest quality standards.

At Bona Bona, we transform challenges into stepping stones, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for our animals, our industry and our partners.

Bona Bona is therefore more than just a business. It is a testament to the unbreakable ties of family, the relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering commitment to ethical breeding and sustainable practices.

We invite you to discover how Bona Bona’s intrinsic values and practices make it an undisputed leader in South Africa’s agricultural landscape – a business that doesn’t merely survive challenges, but thrives through them.


The Ernst family, led by well-known game breeder Pieter Ernst takes pride in always placing family values at the heart of all endeavours of the diverse Bona Bona Group.

When it comes to quality game breeding, Bona Bona has an enviable reputation for the high ethical standards it maintains in its breeding practises, relationships with other breeders and care for its animals.


The Bona Bona complex features a new, state of the art landing strip, which is a fully engineered, 1.3 km tarred airstrip 11.2m wide. The Bona Bona Airstrip is suitable for most small aeroplanes and helicopters. Here are our fly-in co-ordinates for GPS: 27°01’16″S 26°13’18″E (Google Maps link: https://bit.ly/2LBGbkw)

Some animals on auction are available in bomas at the complex. An auction list comprising sought-after animals and genetics from Bona Bona and its hand-picked guest breeders means buyers, especially those hailing from the local area of the North West Province, Northern Cape and Free State will be able to acquire top-notch animals to improve their own breeding herds.

Hunting Safaris

The incredibly appointed hunting lodge of Bona Bona Safaris offers the professional and leisure hunter just the right ambience for an exceptional hunting experience. Click here to visit our Safaris page for more.

By the way, Bona Bona means to look or see in Tswana. Hence the eye motif of our logo icon.