About Bona Bona Game Breeders

Amidst the sweeping landscapes of South Africa’s agricultural heartland, Bona Bona Game Breeders is a shining example of resilience, innovation and a can-do attitude. As a family-led enterprise, Pieter Ernst and his kin have sculpted a business that thrives on positivity and seizes challenges as opportunities.

Since its inception on Klipfontein farm, Bona Bona has expanded into a multifaceted entity, anchored in ethical practices and sustainable advancement. Our ethos revolves around a fusion of positivity, perseverance, diligence and a convivial spirit.

The annual Platinum Auctions, particularly the seventh instalment occurring on 16 March 2024, stand as a testament to our industry leadership. Bona Bona is also celebrated as the first to implement professional holding pens, a milestone in game breeding. Our commitment to sustainability has been recognised with the Green Economy Award from WRSA.

Choosing Bona Bona means joining forces with a legacy of visionary optimism. Our reputation is forged from years of expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and a team dedicated to quality.

For us, challenges are stepping stones to a prosperous future for our wildlife, industry and partners. Bona Bona transcends being a mere business; it embodies the strength of family bonds, the relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to ethical and sustainable breeding.

We invite you to explore the qualities that distinguish Bona Bona as an agricultural leader in South Africa — a business that thrives amidst challenges.

Family at our core

The Ernsts, with Pieter at the helm, embed family values deep within the Bona Bona Group. Our game breeding is heralded for its ethical standards, collaborative relationships and animal care.

Promises delivered

We pledged exceptional buffalo genetics, and we’ve delivered. Our dream is now a reality, showcasing our dedication to our promises.

Unity in spirit

We are super proud of our family-centric auction festival, where camaraderie and joy are abundant. Witnessing the wildebeest’s spirit of togetherness in the wild mirrors our ethos of unity.

Tribute to Victor

Our next auction will feature the Super Seven prime examples of wildebeest genetics, a legacy of our beloved Victor. This is your chance to partake in the pinnacle of game breeding.

Communal gratitude

As we prepare for our next Platinum Auction, we extend heartfelt thanks to you, our friends in game breeding. Your unwavering support is the cornerstone of our success.

Here’s to shared moments of true togetherness, where friendships flourish and the future of game breeding is as bright as the commitment we share.

The Ernst Family and the Bona Bona Team



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Livingstone eland

35 4/8” Dawid son

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45” Karl Ahari
45” Kukama

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35 1/8” Zambezi

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51” P120
52” BZN
49” Magic
50 4/8” Flare
52” Fanjan
50 4/8” Charlie

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34 6/8” Victor
34 6/8” Victor Jr
33 4/8” Chester
33 4/8” Enkulu

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